The History of the Margarita
June 9, 2021
Margarita History

Margaritas have a long history and are often credited with being related to the Mexican drink known as the Daisy. If you didn't know, "margarita" is Spanish for "daisy." The big difference between the popular Margarita drink and that of the Daisy, is that Margaritas are made with tequila instead of brandy.

While mention of a tequila-based cocktail was first seen in 1930, and a Tequila Daisy debut around 1936, it wasn't until 1953 when the first margarita recipe was published (at least that we know of).

This famous drink is said to have become popular during the Prohibition as North American residents traveled south to Mexico for their alcohol. Of course, it hasn't lost any of its popularity. And the wide range of margarita variation has further helped the drink continue to gain fans over the years.

How to Make a Margarita

The ingredients are simple but with a wide variety of flavors. In its most simple form, a margarita is made with tequila, liqueur, and lime juice.  

Here at Parrando's, we have various margarita options to pick from, starting with a blend of specially crafted, in-house sour mix, triple sec, and house tequila.

- House Silver Margarita

- House Añejo Margarita

Or, if you want a more premium margarita, you can choose your tequila and have it mixed with lime juice, triple sec, and organic agave. Shaken up and served ice cold, of course.

How to Serve a Margarita

Have you ever noticed that most margaritas are served in a unique glass? Yes, some might serve theirs in a cocktail, wine, pint, or large schooner glasses. Still, traditionally speaking, they are served in a margarita glass. 

A margarita glass should be a steeped-diameter variant of a cocktail glass or in a champagne coupe. So, salt your glass, shake your mixed drink with ice (or without), and get to sipping.

How to Drink a Margarita

No matter how you drink your margarita, we aren't judging. But there are standard ways of sipping this popular beverage, either shaken with ice, frozen, or with no ice at all.

Margaritas On the Rocks

If you want your margarita on the rocks, your bartender will shake the ingredients with the ice, and then serve it over ice.

Frozen Margaritas

If you've never had a frozen margarita, you're missing out. Ask for a frozen margarita and have your ingredients and ice blended together. It makes for a great drink during the hot summer months, and it tastes delicious.

Here at Parrando's, we have a variety of frozen margaritas to pick from:

• Lime Margarita

• Strawberry Margarita

• Mango Margarita

• Pineapple Margarita

• Passion Fruit Margarita

• Matrimonio Margarita

• Sangrita Margarita

Margaritas Straight Up

If you'd rather forego the ice, then ask for a margarita straight up, and you won't get any ice in your glass.

Margaritas with Flavored Tequila and Flavored Liqueurs

While the basics of a margarita are generally the same, the range of flavors is wide. Depending on the season, you could see anything from apple-cinnamon to cranberry margaritas. And if you really want to shake things up a bit, try adding freshly puréed fruits.

Interested in trying one of our famous margaritas? Check out our Margarita Menu!