What is a Chimichanga?
June 14, 2021

Whether you're Hispanic-American or just love Mexican food, the Chimichanga is a staple in most Hispanic homes. It's incredibly easy to cook, easy to store, and can last hours without refrigeration depending on the ingredients.


A Chimichanga is not necessarily traditional Mexican food, but more of an American-Mexican fusion that started most likely in Southern Arizona in the Sonora region. A Chimichanga is simply a fried burrito. Many Mexican restaurants use a deep fryer to make it easy and fast, but we don't want to serve you a plate of grease with a side of meat. Instead, we'd rather lightly pan fry the Chimichanga and let the fresh flavors do the talking. 

Parrando’s Chimichangas are made with beef or chicken and served over a bed of refried beans, Mexican rice, sour cream, and made fresh daily pico de gallo. Our Chimichangas can be eaten with a fork and knife for those who want to stay clean but work just as well by hand. In fact, the allure to a Chimichanga is the fact that you can pick one up and eat it without a fork and knife, anywhere you want. It's one of those comfort foods that everyone can enjoy without making a huge mess.

What is Included in a Chimichanga?

A Chimichanga is normally just a fried tortilla with chicken or beef inside and often served with cheese to melt it together. Chimichangas were initially created for the men and women that worked long days with very little time to eat and take breaks. So, originally, Chimichangas were just made of meat or tortillas to keep the food as fresh as possible for the longest time possible. 

Fortunately, our Chimichangas are made fresh to order and are delivered to your table hot and ready like Little Caesars. Our Chimichangas are served in the traditional way with no cheese inside, but I have some suggestions to make it better. 

In my opinion, if you're going with a fried Burrito, you might as well go all the way with tomatillo green sauce dripped over the top of our famous homemade queso. My favorite thing to do is cut it in half and dip the end with the meat exposed into the queso that falls on the plate. There is no doubt in my mind that adding some queso or tomatillo sauce will enhance your experience.

What Drink to Pair With a Chimichanga?

If you add cheese to your Chimichanga, I suggest going with a Modelo Especial. It's only 4.4% ABV, sits very light on your stomach, and the citrus flavor from the malt cuts the richness of the Chimichanga. I always feel better drinking lighter beers with a citrus-type flavor with Tex-Mex. Still, I understand if you go for the Margarita. One way to look at it is if you're eating light with just a single Chimichanga, you'll have room for one of our famous Pineapple frozen margaritas. 

No matter your choice, we hope you enjoy your meal. We appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you soon!