The Rise in Vegetarianism
July 29, 2020
Why the Rise in Vegetarian and Vegan Lifestyles?

It’s no secret; we’re a generation after health. We’ve never lived longer, had better medical aid, or access to so many different varieties of high-quality food. But why exactly are people looking for healthier choices, and why are so many people suddenly switching over to or at least trying out the vegetarian or vegan lifestyle?

Why are People Not Eating Meat?

There are a variety of reasons people choose to stop eating meat or animal bi-products. For some, it’s about animal rights or health, and for others, it’s merely out of curiosity. No matter why you’re thinking about trying out the vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, you are sure to feel some significant changes.

Can Eating a Vegetarian or Vegan Diet Eliminate Food Allergies?

Food allergies are a common reason people try, and even end up sticking with, vegetarian or vegan diets. Coming from a family with a lot of food allergies, I’ve seen what that looks like. Doing allergy test after test to find out you’re allergic to gluten, dairy, red meats, grains, shellfish, etc.; It can be rough. But, when the tests don’t come back with results you’d expect, you’re left guessing what the problem might be.

This often results in people cutting everything but fruits and vegetables out, finding that they feel better, and then slowly introducing new foods to see how it affects them. Results can lead to people choosing a new vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

Does Eating a Vegetarian or Vegan Diet Make You Healthy?

One misconception is that vegetarian and vegan food is always good for you. This is incorrect. I started on a vegetarian diet. It wasn’t near as hard as I thought it would be. I ate fruits and nuts, plenty of vegetables, snacks, candies, you name it. I just didn’t get my protein from meat. 

One day, on my journey to better health, I decided to try a vegan diet. It was much harder, and I found that I was eating a lot of foods that weren’t good for supplementing the animal bi-products I had been consuming in my vegetarian lifestyle.

Not having a healthy vegan diet is my personal experience; there are plenty of healthy vegan foods. However, it’s a common misconception that all vegetarian and vegan foods are good for your body. You still need to read the ingredients list (unless you grew it yourself.)

Vegetarian Curiosity

People are curious about becoming vegetarian. There used to be a time when we thought vegetarian meant eating lots of salads. That’s boring. But we’re learning that there are some really delicious vegetarian meals out there. Combining delicious and nutrient-dense ingredients can be a real crowd pleaser, even without meat.

Vegan Curiosity

Just like the vegetarian lifestyle, vegan curiosity has also risen in more recent years. People come from a vegetarian lifestyle; others go cold turkey, from high meat-eating diets to try out the vegan lifestyle. And they’re learning that there are some really tasty vegan meals yet to be discovered.

Vegetarian and Vegan Menus Coming to Parrando’s

Here at Parrando’s, we value choice. And we understand the reasons for wanting a choice as to what you consume. That’s why we’re proud to introduce a new vegetarian and vegan menu, coming soon!