About the Restaurant

Parrando’s Tex-Mex Grill is a family owned restaurant in Ashburn’s Goose Creek Village, it opened its doors December 12th, 2016. Parrando’s is the perfect fusion of traditional Mexican dishes with a North American flare. Our signature margaritas are nothing short of amazing and pair perfectly with any of our delicious entrees. Parrando’s prides itself in offering a great environment for you to enjoy with friends and family; whether you are looking to enjoy a great dinner or celebrate an event, Parrando’s is the place to be!

About the Name

When Juan Carlos was a young boy his family lived on the same street as his Grandparents. Only three or four at the time, he would stand at the front door and watch his Abuelo (Grandfather) walk about outside. His Grandfather’s name was Isnardo, and when Juan Carlos tried to say Papa Isnardo, it came out “parrando.” The family thought this was cute and he became “Parrando,” a nickname that remains today.

When choosing a name for his restaurant, there was never another option. Juan Carlos chose Parrando’s as a reminder of where he came from and what is important to him. From the moment you walk into his restaurant you will know when you’re at Parrando’s, you’re with family.